Day 3 ~ Byron Bay – warm days & cool nights

Day 3 ~ Byron Bay – warm days and cool nights

Today we would be welcomed more by Miguel, a chihuahua mutt, the colourful, feathered friend, Chiquita the parrot, and Marty’s son Casper. The establishment consisted of a three double rooms with bathrooms and a single. Off to the side was a private cottage complete with all attributes to enjoy a romantic getaway. This was occupied by a couple whom we only saw when they coming or going. The rest of the home was dedicated to us.
Up in the morning early, as I had not yet fully conformed to the time change, I brewed a instant coffee at 5:30 am, anything to get caffeine in me, and started uploading the many pictures and videos I had taken the following day.
A month before leaving Ottawa I purchased a very new camera, The Go Pro, a very compact camera (2″x3″x2″) it came with a water proof case and a whack of attachments and fasteners designed for the extremist circumstances. I was preparing for the extreme as I never know what I may get myself into and I wanted to be prepared at any cost. I found the camera at future shop on sale for $180. Very affordable, I thought, and with the capacity to take HD video and high resolution pictures, I thought this camera was made for me. I picked up an a couple of extra accessories such as the Chesty, back up battery, and a dash mount. At that moment I thought, I’m ready for Australia. This is a tool to help me share Australia with everyone that had not yet encountered it. Now all I had to do was learn how to use it. I consider myself still at an intermediate level of tech savyness, and I’m being generous. Test driving the camera doing anything to gain experience was a necessity to properly documenting the trip. You can check it out here,
We also brought a Canon Rebel XTi with a super zoom lens and a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS. This kind of equipment should be able to document everything from chasing Crocs up the Daintree River to walking through the vineyards of Clare Valley.
I would also like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and the sun still comes up in the East and goes down in the West but travels North not South. It takes some getting used to. You definitely do not want to get lost if your going to rely on North and South to get you home.
Once everybody was up and fed we were off to the Main Beach to lounge and take in the sites. Byron Bay is basically one big beach while certain sections have to better define where you are on the beach. One section is called The Wreck where locals share the story of Whalers slaughtering the whales on the beach and sharks would be attracted to the blood and come in and feed. Could be an urban legend to keep the fear in the tourists. One of the things we noticed was the squeak coming from under our feet while walking barefoot on the beach. My guess is the high silica content. Speaking of barefoot, it is also known that if your wearing shoes your definitely not local. I did everything I could to fit in. We broke out the frisbee and tossed that around for quite some time and John boy taught me how to throw the forehand “flick”. I was fairly successful.
Hey Nico, you’d be right at home here with me with all the VW campers around. You’d swear there was a convention. We had booked a sea kayaking adventure this afternoon and so headed back to the Bamboo to get ready. Unfortunately, the winds picked up and made it rather choppy out at sea so it was cancelled and pushed until the next morning. We headed back to the many shops that lined the main strip and the beach for an afternoon nap.

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