Day 1 ~ Fighting Fatigue at Cronulla Beach

Day 1 ~ Fighting Fatigue at Cronulla Beach

Traveling is a wonderful thing if you enjoy getting there. Whether by auto, train, bus or plane, each can have their issues. Well, getting to Australia, the only choice is to fly, really. Ottawa to Vancouver is five plus hours, Vancouver to Sydney is fifteen plus hours. With a lay over of 3 hours in Vancouver, which actually became more due to a fuel spill from the plane we were about to board, it is a long haul. It wasn’t a Hollywood style spill and with the wind currents moving in the same direction as the plane, we would be right on schedule.

Flying Air Canada was pretty good actually. Once I passed first class and erased it from my memory it was all good. Seating was comfortable if your under 5′-10″ and I’m being generous with the inches. The guy next to me was having issues though, being 6′-5″ he had zero space and was walking around the plane every chance he got. A friend lent me a pair of compression socks, to stop the swelling below the knees from sitting down for long periods of time at an extremely high altitude, approximately 37,000 feet.

I figured I didn’t need them and I didn’t feel any discomfort during the flight so I must be okay. Well the flight went pretty smooth with very little turbulence. Approaching Sydney we would have to circle the airport as there was a high number of aircrafts making their way to the same destination. We landed with ease and arrived safely. Wicked! We are in Australia.

Traveling with my girlfriend, we were to be greeted by her sister who is living in a suburb of Sydney called Bangor. Her fiancee is on a teaching exchange for one year, a great way to see another country. Once getting off the plane and looking down at my legs I could see that they kind of bulked up a little. After walking around for a bit I started to experience a sharp pain on the top of my right foot. Since we arrived early in the morning, we decided to fight through the fatigue that was looming and take on the rest of the day. A lot of walking ensued and the pain became worse.

We header off to Cronulla Beach located South of downtown Sydney. It proved to be a popular spot for the local surfer dudes. I strapped on my newly purchased toe shoes by Fivefingers…that’s right toe shoes…basically gloves for feet! They do take a little getting used to and there will be many double takes from passer byes and a little adjusting on how you walk in them, but once they are on your feet they’re comfortable. Anyway, trekking on wet stone and rock on the coast line the five finger vibram shoes were unbeatable. However, not giving my swollen legs and feet time to rest would become pretty painful. I powered through the rest of the day of course and was thankful I brought some anti-inflammatory’s with me. I would wait out the pain and get some well desired rest.

We got home around 6:30pm and had a great chicken salad and a Sandhill Estates ‘One’ from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. This stunning wine was one that I picked up for $24 at the duty free shop at the Vancouver Airport. During dinner, the bets were on to see how long we would be able to stay up. Sarah had 7:30pm and John had 8:00pm. It was ten after seven and I knew I had to make it to 7:45pm. And I did…Goodnight.

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  1. Alex says:

    You’re really getting into the ancestral health kick. I’ve wanted to try the Virbrams for a while. Are you sticking with Paleo eating while traveling?

    • Ren says:

      Hey Hobbs,
      I am making an attempt to stick to paleo. it has been difficult maintaining the Paleo over. I have dipped back into old habits. Produce here is quite expensive. The Vibrams are great you definitely need to go try on a pair and walk around the store to get a good understanding of how the foot ware works. They also come with a variety of soles so make sure you choose the right one, depending on what you will be using them for. Thanks for the comments and look forward to hearing back.

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